Play a Book-Farmer or Be One in Real Life

I know that you want a list of books -that is what I wanted. You have these little people (or big teens) looking at you. You are now homeschooling. What do you DO? They are waiting… what do I DO!? DO!!!!??? A book list. Hum…. with the focus of a CM Education on books, you’d think this post would be loooooong and full of suggestions … Continue reading Play a Book-Farmer or Be One in Real Life

Do you Have a Loading Dock?

Several weeks ago I returned the final proofs of all the components of Living Geography so printing could begin. I hadn’t heard anything for a while. Due to the myriad of components and details to keep track of I wondered if I had forgotten to send something. But it turns out there were busy beavers printing away. Out of the blue they called Monday and … Continue reading Do you Have a Loading Dock?


I have been involved locally with mothers and educators  who are, like me, interested in learning and growing in their journey towards a real living life by utilizing the ideas of Charlotte Mason. Here are some of the ways I have spread the word about a Living Education. -Fall 2007 begin learning about Charlotte Mason and homeschooling  journey-April 2014 Demonstration for local learning community-June 2014 … Continue reading Resume

A Missionary Anniversary

Our Charlotte Mason Book Study has completed Volume 5. This was an accomplishment in itself, but was special for me because this Charlotte Mason Book Study has now read all six volumes. We began reading the summer of 2014 at a park. While the children played, we discussed. We read the entire volume that summer. Since then, we slowed the pace, moved to an evening … Continue reading A Missionary Anniversary

My Volume Typing Challenge

My first priority for this blog is to type and post Charlotte’s six Volumes. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. When I began home educating, there were limited resources for learning about a Charlotte Mason education. I found one blog that guided me through the initial baby steps, but the bulk and weight of learning a CM Education for me came from reading the … Continue reading My Volume Typing Challenge

Introducing Myself

Fifteen years ago, I began studying Charlotte Mason as my oldest began her schooling years. I have implemented a Charlotte Mason Education in our homeschool since those beginning years, learning from Charlotte and applying her Volumes to our lives. Currently, I have 4 children all school age or under. You’ll find my journey with Charlotte Mason sprinkled throughout the articles on this blog. My hope … Continue reading Introducing Myself

Teacher Support in Preparation for Your Year…

As I was reading through the introduction section for a particular math curriculum, I kept running across this heading, “Teacher support in preparation for year …”. I looked at these pages and found for each year there was a re-cap of the previous year and helpful instructions and notes for how to prepare and teach the upcoming year. Not really anything new for a curriculum, … Continue reading Teacher Support in Preparation for Your Year…