Do you Have a Loading Dock?

Several weeks ago I returned the final proofs of all the components of Living Geography so printing could begin. I hadn’t heard anything for a while. Due to the myriad of components and details to keep track of I wondered if I had forgotten to send something. But it turns out there were busy beavers printing away. Out of the blue they called Monday and asked if I had a loading dock to unload my PALLETS of books.

I hadn’t thought of that small detail. How many boxes could there be? Well when you start figuring it out because they are soon to be on your doorstep- yes, I guess pallets, lift gates, and loading docks are the correct vocabulary words to use for this situation.

Well since I don’t have a loading dock, I paid the extra cost for delivery and had the books delivered with a non lift gate truck to my residence. Delivery alone totaled over $700. Those gas prices are hitting hard.

And look who just pulled up in my driveway….. !!

Now I have pallets of books ready for our Living Education enjoyment! I say OUR because first, I wrote these for my own use. I’m excited to have an organized, beautiful, efficient way to teach geography- rather than my pages of notes in a folder!

And now, I’m super excited to share them with YOU!

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