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My name is Lisa Eveland-Osika. Fifteen years ago, I began studying Charlotte Mason as my oldest began her schooling years. I have implemented a Charlotte Mason Education in our homeschool since those beginning years, learning from Charlotte and applying her Volumes to our lives. Currently, I have 4 children all school age or under. You’ll find my journey with Charlotte Mason sprinkled throughout the articles on this blog. You can read more about my personal journey by following the link below.

My hope is that what I write will encourage you to understand and live a Charlotte Mason Education.  Most importantly, I hope to give you knowledge by giving you the volumes to read for yourself. This is the best way to learn a CM Education.  By writing about my knowledge and experience with Charlotte Mason, I hope to shed light on the process of living out a Living Education.

I hope for this site to be a quiet, thoughtful place for you to find what you need for your journey.

Thank you for visiting- hope you can stay a while.

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