Condensed Volume 1 Part 1. 1

I.—A METHOD OF EDUCATION …it is not too much to say that a parent who does not follow reasonably a method of education, fully thought out, fails—now, more than ever before—to fulfil the claims his children have upon him.           Method a Way to an End.—Method implies two things—a way to an end, and step-by-step progress in that way. Further, the following of a method … Continue reading Condensed Volume 1 Part 1. 1

Sandlot Baseball Meet up at Valas

Sandlot Baseball Sandlot boys (and families) Meet at Vala’s ! Tuesday October 24  10am This is a Homeschool Day. Follow Valas directions for getting yourself in at the homeschool price: Meet 10am inside (pay, go in, look for Sandlot team mates as you enter the park.If weather permits, wear your Tshirt! IF IT IS RAINING….. I’m NOT GOING! Back up day will be Thursday … Continue reading Sandlot Baseball Meet up at Valas

Used Curriculum Shop-Fall Sale

The Used Curriculum Shop is overflowing with lots of curriculum. Thank you to those who have donated! So it’s SALE TIME!! All you can carry for $10 ! Bring a big box!!! Smaller quantities negotiable or FREE! This is the link for the inventory at the store’s former location. However, it is not current. Some has been sold and there are boxes of new donations. … Continue reading Used Curriculum Shop-Fall Sale

Purpose and Vision. Living Books. Radio and Podcast.

Living Books. Radio & Podcastairing on Omaha’s KCRO 660 AM.     T, Th.      5:30am, 9:45am, and 10:15pm. I’m the host of Living Books Podcast and Radio Show. Along with my partners, we bring Omaha and the surrounding heartland good stories that everyone loves to hear. Classics, American history, Church history, poetry, science, source American documents, missionary stories. Picture books, Chapter books, fiction, non fiction… all part … Continue reading Purpose and Vision. Living Books. Radio and Podcast.

Join with me To get Living Books on Air! Basic Info

Do you LOVE FAMILIES, LEARNING, and HISTORY and LITERATURE?Are you a LOCAL BUSINESSES looking for ADVERTISING time?Do you desire to bring GOOD EDUCATION to children?Would you like to GIVE BACK to the Heartland Area COMMUNITY?     ADVERTISE WITH US! on the area’s oldest radio station and podcast BECOME A SPONSOR FOR: LIVING BOOKS. RADIO & PODCAST                       AIRING on regional KCRO AM 660          Tuesday & … Continue reading Join with me To get Living Books on Air! Basic Info

“A Huge Improvement over CM’s Original” Cathy Duffy Reviews Living geography.

Cathy Duffy has done a review of Living Geography Curriculum Set. You can see her review of Living Geography here: After reviewing the curriculum set, she states,  “The Living Geography Curriculum set is a huge improvement over trying to use Charlotte Mason’s original work, and even more so for those living in the United States.” You can find the live links used in the … Continue reading “A Huge Improvement over CM’s Original” Cathy Duffy Reviews Living geography.

Live Links, Living Geog I, Teacher’s Notes page 98

——♦—— Page 98 in the Teacher’s Notes.Lesson 21.-How National Geog Giant Maps are Made.  video. Lesson 30.-Zoom in on the Ocean Floor. Lesson 31.-Ice types Arctic.  video. -Ships Breaking Through Ice.  video. -Iceberg Breaking near Ilulissat.  video. Lesson 33.-Pacific Ocean.  video. -A day in the life of a Container Ship.  video. Lesson 35.-Ship in the Indian Ocean. video. -How we catch fish in the … Continue reading Live Links, Living Geog I, Teacher’s Notes page 98

The Possibilities of Principle 2

 “They are not born either good or bad, but with possibilities for good and evil.”This is Charlotte’s second Principle. Right out of the shoot she hits hard. No dancing around. She tackles education, parenting, and religion in one punch. Gotta like Charlotte. This principle is important-very important.  I know families who, after giving CM an initial look, rejected a CM Education due to this very … Continue reading The Possibilities of Principle 2

First Reading Lessons-almost There

I’m previewing the first drafts…. some tweeks to do…. then send back for corrections…. then another draft… I’m working on getting the Word Cards in a format for cutting apart…. won’t be long now! It makes my heart jump a skip when I actually get the finished product in my hands. After working for years – conceptualization, research, notes, notes, scribbles everywhere, writing, writing, writing, … Continue reading First Reading Lessons-almost There