A Note About Our Photos

All the photos on this site are real – meaning they are taken by myself or my daughters- more likely my daughters who have more patience to wait for the good picture and know more about the camera. I enjoy trying.

I decided that using only our own photos would help demonstrate the purpose of this blog  – to show things in reality, as they really are.

You will occasionally find photos at the bottom of some articles. These are shots that have taken showing the way we really live. Things aren’t picture perfect. A small photo shows only a small view. I hope to show you, now and then, the large view. What things are really like…. which is, of course, reality.

“Drifters and Dawdlers.—It is a bad thing to think that time is our own to do what we like with. We are all employed; we all have duties, and a certain share of our time must be given to those duties. It is astonishing how much time there is in a day, and how many things we can get in if we have a mind. It is also astonishing how a day, a week, or a year may slip through our fingers, and nothing done. We say we have done no harm, that we have not meant to do wrong. We have simply let ourselves drift. Boys or girls will drift through life at school, men or women through life in the world, effecting nothing, because they have not taken hold. They fail in examinations, in their professions, in the duty of providing for a family, in the duty of serving their town or their country, not because they are without brains, nor because they are vicious, but because they do not see that to use time is a duty.” Ourselves Volume 4 p 173.