Rainbow Resource Center Soon to carry Charlotte Mason’s Living Geography!

Big news that I’ve been keeping quiet….. !!!

Living Geography is heading to Illinois! These books are being packaged up to send to Rainbow Resource Center.

If you have been homeschooling for a while you know Rainbow Resource. If you are new to homeschooling or are starting a private educational center, take a look at Rainbow! https://www.rainbowresource.com/

Started in 1989, they now carry thousands of products and books for homeschoolers and private educators. When I first started homeschooling I would pour over their 3″ thick catalogue. It was a good introduction to the world of education, providing me with oodles and oodles of good books to choose from along with explanations and details on using the books. With free shipping on orders over $50, I’ve always kept a running list and I hit (or exceed – somehow) that 50 mark every time!

Over the years I’ve been a customer, and now I’m thrilled to be a vendor supplying Rainbow Resource Center with Charlotte’s Living Geography curriculum set and components.

Soon Living Geography will be for sale at Rainbow Resource. If you are frustrated with my old fashioned way of buying and selling (I don’t blame you), this might be the convenient route for you! I don’t know exactly when they’ll be available for purchase, but this box should arrive at their warehouse this week. Keep a look out for them!

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