Sandlot Baseball Meet up at Valas

Sandlot Baseball

Sandlot boys (and families)

Meet at Vala’s !

Tuesday October 24  10am

This is a Homeschool Day. Follow Valas directions for getting yourself in at the homeschool price:

Meet 10am inside (pay, go in, look for Sandlot team mates as you enter the park.
If weather permits, wear your Tshirt!

IF IT IS RAINING….. I’m NOT GOING! Back up day will be Thursday October 26th – also a homeschool day.
Tuesday morning I will email you and post here if the day gets moved to Thursday due to weather.

I’m heading there…. Tuesday’s weather looks like it’s the best shot. I can take 75 and some spotty rain- it’s the 40 and rain that is no good!

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