CM Book Study 2023

Charlotte Mason Book Study Omaha

Interested in pursuing a Charlotte Mason Education?  Questions as to how to go about it? Hit a bump and need help?

What: a Charlotte Mason group, talking CM life and reading through Vol 6.


When: second Thursdays of the month, 11-4
Where: at a library full of Living Books (of course!)  – Homeschool Library at Emmanuel Fellowship Church across from Northwest Highschool, Omaha

Questions:  contact Lisa Eveland-Osika

When: fourth Mondays of the month, 8:30-9:15
Where: your living room!—a Zoom meeting
For the link: contact Lisa Eveland-Osika     

Reading Schedule

As you are reading, pick out something that was meaningful to you.

Three Instruments of Ed  Chapter 6  p.94-111
How we Make Use of the Mind Chapter 7  p.112-127

The Way of the Will  Chapter 8  p.128-138
The Way of Reason  Chapter 9  p.139-153

The Curriculum, Knowledge of God    Chapter 10  p.154-169
Knowledge of Man  History, Literature  Chapter 10  p.169-185

Knowledge of Man  Morals and Economics: Citizenship, Composition  Chapter 10 p.185-209

Knowledge of Man Languages, Art,   Chapter 10  p.209-218
Knowledge of the Universe  Science, Geography Chapter 10  p.218-230
Knowledge of the Universe Mathematics, Physical Development, Handicrafts Chapter 10 p.230-234

 A Liberal Ed in Elementary Schools    Book 2  Chapter 1   p. 235-249    
A Liberal Ed in Secondary Schools Chapter 2   half   p.250- 262    

A Liberal Ed in Secondary Schools Chapter 2  continue   263- 278   
The Scope of Continuation Schools Chapter 3 p. 279-299   

The Basis of National Strength Knowledge, Letters Knowledge and Virtue, Know Reason and Rebellion    p.300-320

New and Old Conceptions of Knowledge, Ed and the Fullness of Life, Knowledge in Literary Form,  p.321-342

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