A Philosophy of Education Volume 6

Book 1

Chapter 1 Self-Education p.23-32
Chapter 2 Children are Born Persons p.33-45
Chapter 3 The Good and Evil Nature of a Child p.46-67
Chapter 4 Authority and Docility p.68-79
Chapter 5 The Sacredness of Personality p.80-93
Chapter 6 Three Instruments of Education p.94-111
Chapter 7 How we Make use of the Mind p.112-127
Chapter 8 The Way of the Will p.128-138
Chapter 9 The Way of the Reason p.139-153
Chapter 10 The Curriculum p.154-158
Chapter 10 Section 1 The Knowledge of God p.158-169
Chapter 10 Section 2a The Knowledge of Man, History p.169-180
Chapter 10 Section 2b The Knowledge of Man, Literature p.180-185
Chapter 10 Section 2c The Knowledge of Man, Morals and Economics: Citizenship p.185-189

Chapter 10 Section 2d The Knowledge of Man, Composition p.191-209
Chapter 10 Section 2e The Knowledge of Man, Languages p.209-213
Chapter 10 Section 2f The Knowledge of Man, Art p.213-218
Chapter 10 Section 3a The Knowledge of the Universe, Science [and Geography] p.218-230
Chapter 10 Section 3b The Knowledge of the Universe, Mathematics p.230-233
Chapter 10 Section 3c The Knowledge of the Universe, Physical Development, Handicrafts p.233-234

Book 2

Chapter 1 A Liberal Education in Elementary Schools p.235-249
Chapter 2 A Liberal Education in Secondary Schools p.250-278
Chapter 3 The Scope of Continuation Schools p.279-299
Chapter 4 Part I The Basis of National Strength p.300-307