My 7 Year Old’s Daily Schedule

This is what I am doing with my 7 year old right now. The Together Time subjects are done with the entire family. They take about 2 hours. The other work we do takes roughly an hour and a half – give or take. Most things things take about 5 min.— poetry and Bible verses less, handwriting less, reading a bit more, games more. The readings include narrations on the spot. I don’t require a narration of everything, but for sure history and science.
I don’t really use this list much during lesson time. I keep the books together in my little fruit box and pull the next book in the stack out. But the books are in this order. I put them back in the same spot I take them from, so every day the books are in order and the flow is the same. I carry the box around to where we need to be- depending on what the other kids are doing and if the dog is bothering us, etc.
For most of this, he has some cars or lego men to play with. I have consistently found that he (both my boys) gives good and maybe better narrations if he plays while he listens. I have no idea why this is- but it is. If we are in the living room, he (they) play on the floor. I sit at a table. So… for what that is worth. -which could be a lot if your son is having a hard time sitting still for lessons! Try it!

I would also like to add – since this is REAL LIVING- I just typed this up for myself and literally just printed it. I didn’t doctor the photo up. This is the box, as it sits, as it sat since Friday, on the floor of the living room. Somewhere I promised on here that this would be about real life – well it’s in the very title (or whatever the name of a site is called). We’ve been working on books for a while, I’ve been adding to my fruit box of books for months now. We started out with math and reading lessons a long time ago. That was all I could do. I’ve been adding as I was capable and able to handle it. It’s March….boy, you’d think I should have had all this organized and official by now, -way back in September. I didn’t. Life hits. Sometimes hard. Sometimes exhaustion and stress blast you with an ice pelting, stinging north wind that doesn’t let up- for months, for years. Sometimes things don’t get done as officially and perfectly as they should or could. That’s life, that is real life, that, my sisters, is “learning how to live.”

Winter 2023                                                                                                                                             Age 7 

Together Time  Together TimeTogether TimeTogether TimeTogether Time
Awana Bible vs  Awana Bible vsAwana Bible vsAwana Bible vsAwana Bible vs
2 Poem  2 Poem2 Poem2 Poem2 Poem
History US  History USHistory USHistory USHistory US
Reading lesson R/AReading lesson R/AReading lesson R/AReading lesson R/AReading lesson R/A
Handwriting  HandwritingHandwritingHandwritingHandwriting
Sunday S vs  Sunday S vsSunday S vsSunday S vsSunday S vs
Lit Aesop Fable  Lit Aesop FableLit Aesop FableLit Aesop FableLit Aesop Fable
Cub Scouts  Cub ScoutsCub ScoutsCub ScoutsCub Scouts
Lit Story  Lit StoryLit StoryLit StoryLit Story
Math Curric  Math gameMath CurricMath gameMath Curric
Science Exp  Science ReadScience ReadScience ReadScience Read
Game  Picture BookGeog Wk AroundMusic Piano w/ momPuzzle
Music practiceMusic practiceMusic practiceMusic practiceMusic practice
F Language F LanguageF LanguageF LanguageF Language

Some explanations:

2 Poems = I read the same poem to him every day, for a month or so. Until he says it along with me. The other poem read to him is just the next poem in the book. I try to read one that goes with the season or holiday.

History = a story book, sometimes a picture book on John Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, George Washington, Ben Franklin, etc. We just finished The Children’s Book of America by W Bennett. I keep a map handy in the box to point out anything that comes up. It is usually US history, occasionally Greek or other world history. Depends on what good picture book I have. But for this age I focus heavily on US history.

Reading Lesson R/A = We have just finished up First Reading Lessons. He is using readers now, with help. He reads them aloud (R/A). I help when needed. These are random typical readers. Henry and Mudge, Step into Reading. I keep to good stories.

Handwriting = typical tracing worksheets. We do one to three words per time. The focus is on ‘done well’ not ‘did a lot’.

Sunday S vs = verse for Sunday school memory. This, like the awana verse and poem, I read aloud over often while he is playing with lego men or some cars.

Cub Scouts = We are in Scouts, so we work on things for that.

Lit Story = A good story from Literature. Typically a picture book, but usually not too heavy on the pictures. Just so Stories, Emperors New Clothes, Ugly Duckling, Pilgrims Progress, Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Science read = We did some of Hexapod Stories, but he was really complaining about it. I will work on that book. I think there are some good things about it. It just needs some re-thinking. So we switched to Burgess’ Bird Book. He likes that.

Foreign language = Duo Lingo. He is all of a sudden very interested in it, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything for him in this subject- not that I shouldn’t, it is just one thing that I haven’t been good at over the years teaching or finding resources.

Last BUT NOT Least = lots of playing.

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