Project Ideas for Learning-at-Home

Here are some ideas for student projects. If you are moving from traditional schooling into HomeLearning, you may need some time to figure things out.

These are things your students can do especially as you are getting your homeschool started and then as you continue to maintain. As you are working on getting things figured out, your children will need things to be doing – or… it could get ugly!
Some of these are definitely for older students, some require driving.
Add things that are specific to your family needs and students interests.

Take these projects seriously. This is part of HomeLearning. You may even need to explain to older children who are used to typical school, that this is a new way to learn and to live.

This is not busywork. This is meaningful, purposeful, helpful, relevant to life work or projects or goals or accomplishments. These things could be categorized into the various, wide curriculum of CM – Handiwork, Service, Bible, Language arts, Citizenship, Object lessons, Experiments, PE, Drawing, Journaling, Science, Outdoor Geography…
Of course, this is not the extent of the work that a student needs to do in CM. For some families, this list is a temporary arrangement to give the teacher time to prepare and gather the other requirements. Soon the list of other HomeLearning requirements will take the place of this list. But many of the things on it could be used throughout your HomeLearning journey.

Like anything in CM, take the time to do it and do it well. This is a good foot to get started on- set the atmosphere. It would be good to read Ourselves Book I Chapter 17 to help get yourself in the right mind set for these projects and for reassurance that there is a far deeper goal than just mowing the yard.

“What is worth beginning is worth finishing, and what is worth doing is worth doing well.” – Ourselves Volume 4 p.172

-You should oversee/approve of things, but this list of for your child to do- not you.
-Set a timer for a specific time which these projects should end, or for you to check in on their progress.
-Let the child do these projects themselves. That gives them responsibility.
-Let them mess up. It is how they’ll learn.           
-Don’t micro-manage. You have your job,(figuring out homeschooling ‘things’) they have theirs.
-No phones/computers other than using them for the few projects that require googling a topic. If your student is going to learn something from you tube, have a lap top set up near where you are so it can be monitored. These activities are HomeLearning, done during in school time. This is not the time to randomly surf the internet. Set a timer for a stopping time.

“In the first place, that the school tasks be done, and done well, in the assigned time, should be a most fixed law. The young people will maintain that it is impossible, but let the mother insist; she will thereby cultivate the habit of attention, the very key to success in every pursuit, as well as secure for her children’s enjoyment the time they would dissipate if left to themselves.” – Formation of Character Volume 5 p.196

“Let us not despise the day of small things nor grow weary in well-doing; if we have trained our children from their earliest years to prompt mechanical obedience, well and good; we reap our reward. If we have not, we must be content to lead by slow degrees, by ever-watchful efforts, by authority never in abeyance and never aggressive, to ‘the joy of self-control,’ the delight of proud chivalric obedience which will hail a command as an opportunity for service.” – School Education Volume 3 p.23

                -play outside
                -clean and organize room, take things to goodwill.
                -learn about building or making something. Google it/you tube.
                -clean garage. show mom/dad before throwing/donating things.
                -choose something to grow.
                -can they make a perfect square out of a 8×11 page? If not figure out how.
                -learn how to do a rubik’s cube or yo-yo
                -make a map of your yard
                -bake cookies
                -play in the rain
                -play a board game
                -paint with oils or watercolors
                -put together a list of Bible verses/passages to memorize
                -take all sheets and blankets off their bed and wash.
                                Hang the blankets outside to dry
                -put a package together to send to a missionary
                -make/begin a Common Place Notebook
                -clean the basement
                -stay up and watch for the first star to appear
                -weed the front walk/landscaping
                -write/compose a song
                -make a journal. Google it/you tube how to make a journal/book. decorate it
                -face paint
                -go to a retirement home and do a puzzle with the residents or play piano or…
                -cook lunch or dinner. Start small if they haven’t cooked before
                -put contact paper on books or make covers from paper bags
                -clean spots on carpet
                -do/start a puzzle
                -photograph nature, people
                -lemonade stand
                -help an elderly neighbor with yard work
                -bake and decorate a cake
                -write a story or poem
                -clean the refrigerator/freezer
                -go to a county or city board meeting
                -mow or shovel snow
                -play a card game
               -siblings play catch
               -ride bikes
               -make slime or playdough- google it
               -repair the broken____
                -replace batteries in _____
                -watch/play with someone’s children
                -clean out under the bathroom sink
                -do something for your church
                -go get household groceries.
                                Give them a list or have them make the list and you approve it
                -have them estimate the cost and then check with the receipt
                -find a Bible reading plan
                         or a study book
                -super glue a broken plate, clay pot….
                -hand sew a hole in a piece of clothing, or hem up some pants
                -make new pillow cases with sewing machine
                -prune/trim bushes/trees
                -make a meal for a friend or neighbor
                -clean under the cushions of the couch/chairs
               -wash the curtains in ___room
               -paint your bedroom
                -write an encouraging letter to your state senators
                -write a thoughtful, respectful letter addressing an issue in your community

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