Volume 5 CM Book Study – On the Same Page – Reading Schedule

Charlotte Mason book study, Omaha, Nebraska     Formation of Character Volume 5     2019-2020

The pages listed are the start and stop pages in the ‘Pinks’ (the edition with the pink covers pictured at various places on this blog)

July     Preface – Chapter 2 Inconstant Kitty, p.32

August     Chapter 3 Under a Cloud p.33 – Chapter 4 Dorothy Elmore’s Achievement ch I-V, p.67

September       Chapter 5 Consequences p.68 – Chapter 8 Poor Mrs Jumeau!, p.108

October    Chapter 9 A Happy Christmas to You! p.109 – Part II Ch 3  A-B-C Darians, p.143

November    Part II Chapter 4 Die Neue Zeit p.144 –  Part III Chapter1 Schoolboy-girl section Examinations, p.185

December      Part III Chapter 1 section The Playground p.185 –  section The Book for the Evening Lecture, p.223

January     Part III Chapter 1 section Poetry p.224 – Chapter 2 Concerning Young Maidens section Opinions, p.258

February     Part III Chapter 2 section Pursuits p.258 – Part IV Chapter 1 Two Pleasant Boys,  p.298

March     Part IV Chapter 2 A Genius at School p.299 –  section VIII, p.336

April   Part IV Chapter 2 section IX p.336 –  Chapter 3 Pendennis of Boniface section I , p.370

May      Part IV  Chapter 3 section II p. 370 – Chapter 4 Young Crossjay , p.400

June     Part IV Chapter 5 Better Than My Neighbour p.401 – Chapter 6 A Modern Educator, p.428

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