Living Geography Book I – Teacher’s Notes Page 98: Live Links

The following are additional resources meant to accompany the lessons from our Living Geography Book I – Teacher’s Notes Book. If you have not yet purchased this book you can do so from our shop.

Page 98 in the Teacher’s Notes.

Lesson 21.
How Giant Maps are Made. Video. – National Geographic

Lesson 30.
Zoom in on the Ocean Floor – Wikimedia

Lesson 31.
Ice Types Arctic. Video – Youtube

Ships Breaking Through Ice. Video. – Youtube

Iceberg Breaking near Ilulissat. Video. – Youtube

Lesson 33.
Pacific Ocean. Video. – Youtube

A Day in the Life of a Container Ship. Video. – Youtube

Lesson 35.
Ship in the Indian Ocean. Video. – Youtube

– How we catch fish in the Indian Ocean.  Video. – Youtube

Lesson 40.
Song R.E.M. “Stand”. – Youtube

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