Chapter V


                    Weigh his estate and thine; accustom’d, he,
                    To all sweet courtly usage that obtains
                    Where dwells the King. How, with thy utmost pains,
                    Canst thou produce what shall full worthy be?
                    One, ‘greatest in the kingdom,’ is with thee,
                    Whose being yet discerns the Father’s face,
                    And, thence replenish’d, glows with constant grace:
                    Take fearful heed lest he despised be!
                    Order thy goings softly, as before
                    A Prince; nor let thee out unmannerly
                    In thy rude moods and irritable: more,
                    Beware lest round him wind of words rave free.
                    Refrain thee; see thy speech be sweet and rare:
                    Thy ways, consider’d; and thine aspect, fair.

[1] Bits of Talk about Home Matters, by Helen Hunt Jackson.

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