Morning Conversations Behind the Scenes Prep

The day before Morning Conversations our house was filled with Handicrafting– the best kind. The handicrafts that are handy (useful).

Wonderful smells rose from the kitchen as I baked scones, muffins, and cookies.


Scones waiting to go into the oven.




Baked scones cooling for their glaze.




Assembling the Berry Muffins, a gluten free, egg free, and dairy free treat with fresh raspberries from the garden.




Upstairs my daughter was making the blue tissue paper lily table decorations.




At the dining room table, my other daughter was writing the names of the attendees on white mini bags. She has been practicing lettering and calligraphy during her handwriting and handicraft lessons on and off this past year.




Some of the ladies coming were on individualized diets. We made ingredient signs for some of the foods to help them find what would work for them.




Each bag had a mini daisy and a quote from Charlotte Mason. My daughter and I made the flowers together in between cookies and scones. These quotes were randomly placed in the bags. My hope is that each quote will have special meaning and food for thought for its recipient.


For us, this was a scheduled home learning day. Technically we had history, literature, math, read-alouds and all the usual daily lessons to accomplish. We got a few done, many we didn’t. I didn’t get any of my 9yr old’s lessons done with him. But today was a day to set the schedule was set aside as we used handicrafts to serve others. In my earlier days, I would have tried to fit both in. But I’ve seen the folly in that approach. Today had it’s own tasks, which included a water gun fight with my boys and swimming for all of us which hit the spot on that 95 degree day.

Sometimes there are more important things to do than follow the schedule.