Book Review: Crazy Horse by Mari Sandoz

Crazy Horse by Mari Sandoz

Want to feel more intimate with the Native American Indians? In this biography, Mari Sandoz writes from the perspective of the tribes, as she tells the story of the remarkable life of Crazy Horse. As a boy, he seemed different from the other children, and he was called “The Light-Haired One”, or “Curly” by the rest of the tribe because of his unique hair. He was named Crazy Horse by his father only after proving himself in battle, and continued to astound his tribe with feats of bravery and skill on the battlefield. All his life, he fought for his homeland, attempting to free it from the intruding Europeans. This book is truly a masterpiece; Sandoz has a way of using expressions that seem exactly like what the Native Americans themselves would have used. Throughout the book, you really get to develop an understanding and relationship with the Native Americans, specifically Crazy Horse. I loved this book because Sandoz gives Indians’ interpretation of the events that occurred during the mid-1800’s in the American Midwest.

Review written by:

B., age 16


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