An Educational Hot Topic in a Living Education

What are the popular topics that circle in today’s educational field? We talk about STEM, mathematics, technology, critical thinking, integration, emotional intelligence, robotics, health, bullying, learning disabilities, obesity, teacher to student ratio, social skills, virtual learning, adequate facilities and resources and the funding for them. Here is one topic that an internet search of educational topics does not bring to the surface – Character. Charlotte … Continue reading An Educational Hot Topic in a Living Education

Detailed Description – Daily Thoughts on Ourselves

Daily Thoughts on Ourselves is a character building guide to support growth towards honorable living and profitable habits. Topics for each week range from our physical bodies and mind to love and justice. Intellect, beauty, imagination, reason, desires, kindness, courage, loyalty, truth, use of time and money, opinions, self control, and service are a sampling of some of the bountiful topics and their guiding principles … Continue reading Detailed Description – Daily Thoughts on Ourselves

What Worked Fifty Years Ago

posted with loving thoughts of my mother-in -law, Kay. No one could have a better one than I am blessed with.  “What worked even fifty years ago will not work to-day, and what fulfils our needs to-day will not serve fifty years hence; There is no last word to be said upon education; it evolves with the evolution of the race.”    -Charlotte Mason Volume 3 Did … Continue reading What Worked Fifty Years Ago

On Completing Volume 5

I hated Volume 5. There you have it…lets just get that out of the way! After leading a book study and pulling my bootstraps up every month, trying to enjoy it for their sakes- I hated it. Evidentially I’m in good company; and company that I esteem. Henrietta Franklin seems to have a distaste for Volume 5 as well.  I have a quote from her … Continue reading On Completing Volume 5

A Missionary Anniversary

Our Charlotte Mason Book Study has completed Volume 5. This was an accomplishment in itself, but was special for me because this Charlotte Mason Book Study has now read all six volumes. We began reading the summer of 2014 at a park. While the children played, we discussed. We read the entire volume that summer. Since then, we slowed the pace, moved to an evening … Continue reading A Missionary Anniversary

Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations

Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations is being held again this year at the lovely Glacier Creek Prairie. We’ll meet in the pristine white barn loft for food and conversations and refresh ourselves on a nature walk in the preserve’s native prairie. Enjoy breakfast and lunch with other home town Charlotte Mason educators. In between, we’ll talk CM. This event is for mothers (and new little ones) … Continue reading Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations

Volume 5 CM Book Study – On the Same Page – Reading Schedule

Charlotte Mason book study, Omaha, Nebraska     Formation of Character Volume 5     2019-2020 The pages listed are the start and stop pages in the ‘Pinks’ (the edition with the pink covers pictured at various places on this blog) July     Preface – Chapter 2 Inconstant Kitty, p.32 August     Chapter 3 Under a Cloud p.33 – Chapter 4 Dorothy Elmore’s Achievement ch I-V, p.67 September       Chapter 5 Consequences … Continue reading Volume 5 CM Book Study – On the Same Page – Reading Schedule

On Completing Volume 4

This month our Charlotte Mason book study will complete reading and discussing Volume 4. It has been fruitful to discuss together the triumphs and trials of our lives- both our personal lives and our working these topics out in our families. Our group is blessed to have mothers in different stages of life with children of every age which added richness and depth. Volume 4 … Continue reading On Completing Volume 4

Volume 4 CM Book Study – On the Same Page – Reading Schedule

Charlotte Mason Book Study, Omaha, Nebraska     Ourselves Volume 4     2018-2019 Book I. Sept13           Pref to HEd, Pref to 4, Intro, Intro  pp. 1-32. Map of Mansoul. October  11         pp. 33-80 November  8      pp. 81-125 December 13     pp. 126-166 January   10        pp. 167-210                Book II. February  14     Intro, Part I Sect 1, Chapter 1-6      pp. 1-40 March  14         Chapter 7- 13     … Continue reading Volume 4 CM Book Study – On the Same Page – Reading Schedule