The Possibilities of Principle 2

 “They are not born either good or bad, but with possibilities for good and evil.”This is Charlotte’s second Principle. Right out of the shoot she hits hard. No dancing around. She tackles education, parenting, and religion in one punch. Gotta like Charlotte. This principle is important-very important.  I know families who, after giving CM an initial look, rejected a CM Education due to this very … Continue reading The Possibilities of Principle 2

Play a Book-Farmer or Be One in Real Life

I know that you want a list of books -that is what I wanted. You have these little people (or big teens) looking at you. You are now homeschooling. What do you DO? They are waiting… what do I DO!? DO!!!!??? A book list. Hum…. with the focus of a CM Education on books, you’d think this post would be loooooong and full of suggestions … Continue reading Play a Book-Farmer or Be One in Real Life

Living Books are Delicious

These are the notes from my talk on Living Books. Here is an acronym to help you gauge what a Living Book is. A Living Book is DELICIOUS. D     Descriptive.A Living Book doesn’t present the topic as facts and information, but rather stirs the imagination by way of painting pictures for the reader. To paint a picture a Living Book will often use the senses … Continue reading Living Books are Delicious

The Cure for Overwhelm

So many decisions to make. So many big decisions. Which curriculum? which way to teach it? which books? which activities? which classes? which, which, which. And then there are the how’s. How do I organize HomeLearning? How do I keep the baby happy? How do I teach math? How do I get them to stop arguing? How do I get them to get up in … Continue reading The Cure for Overwhelm

Reading Lessons Quotes

Selected Quotes from Charlotte Mason on Reading Lessons.Annotations in [  ] by Real Living Life. Read the complete chapters where Charlotte describes reading lessons in Volume 1 page 199-222. “Learning to read is hard work for most children, but it must be done, and we as parents should try to make the lessons as easy and pleasant as possible” – Home Education Volume 1 p.214 … Continue reading Reading Lessons Quotes

Poetry Study Quotes

Selected quotes from Charlotte Mason on Poetry Study.Annotations in [  ] by Real Living Life. “Poetry takes first rank as a means of intellectual culture. Goethe tells us that we ought to see a good picture, hear good music, and read some good poetry every day; and, certainly, a little poetry should form part of the evening lecture.” – Volume 5 p. 244 “The poets … Continue reading Poetry Study Quotes

Comparing CM to Other Educational Systems

Is CM the right type of education for you and your family or school? Lets briefly compare CM  to other educational systems to see if CM is what you are looking for. Disclaimer:This is a Quick Glance: My SHORT notes on the differences.These are as brief as I can make them. Hopefully they give you an idea of the differences.I’m also doing my best to … Continue reading Comparing CM to Other Educational Systems

Which is It? Original or Word Perfect Narration?

Here are two quotes from Charlotte that don’t seem to line up. On the one hand, Charlotte often says that narration is an individual telling back, that is is not verbatim, but given back with the student’s own words and workings.  Here is one of the several quotes where she talks about this output of narration: “These narrations are never a slavish reproduction of the … Continue reading Which is It? Original or Word Perfect Narration?

An Educational Hot Topic in a Living Education

What are the popular topics that circle in today’s educational field? We talk about STEM, mathematics, technology, critical thinking, integration, emotional intelligence, robotics, health, bullying, learning disabilities, obesity, teacher to student ratio, social skills, virtual learning, adequate facilities and resources and the funding for them. Here is one topic that an internet search of educational topics does not bring to the surface – Character. Charlotte … Continue reading An Educational Hot Topic in a Living Education

For the Scouring Purists

Possibly only a Charlotte Mason purist would be interested in the revision details for Charlotte’s 1881 geography text as I transformed it into the Living Geography Book I edition. In this post I let Charlotte convince you that scouring through the details of something has its rewards. In following posts, I’ll chronicle some of the nitty gritty details about the revisions to Charlotte’s 1881 geography … Continue reading For the Scouring Purists