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Nature Journals For the Long Haul

Often the words charming, delightful, reverent, joyful, peaceful, even sacred accompany descriptions of Nature Journaling in a Charlotte Mason Education. Bright walks, invigorating fresh air, beauty for every eye with subject matter abounding, is bound to make for refreshment and mind feeding. Take, for example, this quote from Charlotte Mason, “As soon as he is …

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Definitely a Workable Time

Charlotte Mason always gives us a gentle way to handle our home learning quandaries- and, for that matter, our life. Sometimes it takes thought, time and stretching to find, but it is there if we interrupt our habits, cease our incessant march, and get outside our normal box to bring in fresh Living Ideas. One quandary …

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It Happens Every Day

  “A Basis of Facts.—Of the teaching of Natural Philosophy, I will only remind the reader of what was said in an earlier chapter—that there is no part of a child’s education more important than that he should lay, by his own observation, a wide basis of facts towards scientific knowledge in the future. He …

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How I Organize my Home Library Book Shelves

When you become a Charlotte Mason Educator you also become a home librarian!-which is the funnest part! I began purchasing the books my children needed for their studies many years ago. I also became a frequent visitor of garage sales, library sales, and in general, anyone who was getting rid of books. Needless to say, …

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Use what you Know, Use what you Have

What is something your family is good at? Something you all do together?What hobbies do you or your husband have? What talents do you have? What skills do each of you have? Do you:speak a foreign languagehave a trumpet in the closet that dad playedenjoy eating and cookingbike ridingknow and do car repairgardensewherb craftknithikingplaying and …

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