My 13 Year old’s Daily Schedule

This is what my 13 year old is doing right now. There are Together Time subjects are done with the entire family which take about 2 additional hours. And the ‘real life’ part of this, typically we get one hour of Together Time done, the second part, is hit and miss- often more miss. He is not completely turned loose with this. He does a … Continue reading My 13 Year old’s Daily Schedule

Confession & Repentance

It is absolutely vital that children understand and are taught to properly confess and repent if they are going to have attached, secure relationships with people – in their childhood and in adulthood. Relationships falter and will, in fact, die if thorough confession is not part of the interaction between individuals and also within groups. Not completely confessing demonstrates a protection of self over the … Continue reading Confession & Repentance

My 7 Year Old’s Daily Schedule

This is what I am doing with my 7 year old right now. The Together Time subjects are done with the entire family. They take about 2 hours. The other work we do takes roughly an hour and a half – give or take. Most things things take about 5 min.— poetry and Bible verses less, handwriting less, reading a bit more, games more. The … Continue reading My 7 Year Old’s Daily Schedule


CLOTHESLINEETIQUETTE and RULESfrom 1940  1. Hang the socks by the toes….not the top. 2. Hang pants by the bottom cuffs….not the waistbands. 3. Wash the clothesline before hanging any clothes – walk the entire length of each line with a damp cloth around the lines. 4. Hang the clothes in a certain order, and always hang white clothes with whites, and hang them first. 5. Never hang a … Continue reading Clothesline

Do you Have a Loading Dock?

Several weeks ago I returned the final proofs of all the components of Living Geography so printing could begin. I hadn’t heard anything for a while. Due to the myriad of components and details to keep track of I wondered if I had forgotten to send something. But it turns out there were busy beavers printing away. Out of the blue they called Monday and … Continue reading Do you Have a Loading Dock?

Back to Basics Ordering

So how do I order this, you ask?? I don’t know.But I do know I have a bunch of boxes of books sitting in my entry way that I’d love to get into the hands of good families and premier schools. Here it is, the Real Me.I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t know how to work facebook, I just signed up last week, … Continue reading Back to Basics Ordering

How I Organize my Home Library Book Shelves

When you become a Charlotte Mason Educator you also become a home librarian!-which is the funnest part! I began purchasing the books my children needed for their studies many years ago. I also became a frequent visitor of garage sales, library sales, and in general, anyone who was getting rid of books. Needless to say, the books began to stack up. One day I brought … Continue reading How I Organize my Home Library Book Shelves

Tips on Sounding out Letters

These are three helps that I use with First Reading Lessons to aid sight and sound recognition. Buddies.These letter combinations, which I call Letter-Buddies, are often found together in words. They are common enough that it comes in handy to know their sounds.ingedeeth (has two sounds , as in thistle and that)ch (3 sounds but most often ch as in church)sh (put finger to lips … Continue reading Tips on Sounding out Letters

Paying Attention on Reading the Poem lesson days.

In the ‘How to Use the Teacher’s Notes for First Reading Lessons’ the instructions read:Read the poem with the student. Help them with sounds and words when they need help. I suppose that is enough said. But, of course, there is more to say on it- both from my experience and from Charlotte Mason. What I would have liked to add, but, for sake of … Continue reading Paying Attention on Reading the Poem lesson days.