Bringing the Strawberries Back

Last year we had a meager picking of strawberries, but this year has been the best year ever. To our delight, the strawberries are back, better than ever. Two springs ago, I moved the strawberry patch. The process of digging and disturbing the soil necessary to move the strawberry plants, also sent an invitation to all the sleeping weed seeds in the soil to awaken … Continue reading Bringing the Strawberries Back

Alive, When we Least Expect It

OK. Things are a bit ugly here. This certainly isn’t the pretty picture that will win me any blog awards. But to show you only the pretty pictures, isn’t real life. To portray only the beautiful, misses the true and the good. It leaves out the messy, sometimes ugly part of beginning growth. If things are looking slimy and moldy, that doesn’t mean its time … Continue reading Alive, When we Least Expect It