Picture Books All Around!

In my library I have many (many) picture books.In my earlier days, picture books used to be a mixed bag of feelings and purpose. I loved the wonderful picture books for the early years… Corderoy, The Puppy Book, Make Way for Ducklings, The Big Red Barn, Obadiah, Curious George, Smudge… good stories, good pictures, good for sitting-on-mama’s-lap-reading. By definition a picture book is “a book … Continue reading Picture Books All Around!

DOing Picture Study

How to do a Picture Study Lesson. PHILOSOPHY.You are working towards your student building a relationship with a particular artist. The end goal is to get to know, to appreciate, connect with, recognize, become friends with, build a relationship with- not individual paintings, but with the artist. Nor are you trying to critique particular technicalities of a work, but to know the work and relate … Continue reading DOing Picture Study

CM Book Study 2023

Charlotte Mason Book Study Omaha Interested in pursuing a Charlotte Mason Education?  Questions as to how to go about it? Hit a bump and need help? What: a Charlotte Mason group, talking CM life and reading through Vol 6. TWO OPTIONS When: second Thursdays of the month, 11-4Where: at a library full of Living Books (of course!)  – Homeschool Library at Emmanuel Fellowship Church across … Continue reading CM Book Study 2023

Charlotte Mason’s 1881 Geography and Today’s Realtor

Is Charlotte Mason’s geography book written in 1881 relevant for today?1881! It’s soooooo OLD! Outdated! Surely there is a better book by now!How could a book that old possibly have any value for our modern, fast paced, at-your-finger-tips world?The answer is, this old book is absolutely relevant for today! The most obvious, no-brainer answers are that our world still has the same physical features– oceans, … Continue reading Charlotte Mason’s 1881 Geography and Today’s Realtor

Detailed Description – Daily Thoughts on Ourselves

Daily Thoughts on Ourselves is a character building guide to support growth towards honorable living and profitable habits. Topics for each week range from our physical bodies and mind to love and justice. Intellect, beauty, imagination, reason, desires, kindness, courage, loyalty, truth, use of time and money, opinions, self control, and service are a sampling of some of the bountiful topics and their guiding principles … Continue reading Detailed Description – Daily Thoughts on Ourselves

What it is NOT, What it IS

Sometimes it takes too many words to explain what a Living Education IS. It took Charlotte Mason herself 6 books and hundreds of pages of other publications to explain and describe it. A quicker approach might be to look at it from the reverse—What it is NOT. -A Charlotte Mason Education does not use textbooks with bold words that are memorized for a test.-A Charlotte … Continue reading What it is NOT, What it IS

April 25, 2020. Epidemic, Catching in a Curious Way

“The second Dæmon of Imagination is Sin. Have you ever heard people say, ‘There seems to be quite an epidemic of burglaries’ or ‘of murders’? They are quite right. There is an epidemic of these things. They are catching in a curious way. People read of a crime in the newspapers, they allow their Imagination to dwell upon all the details; the whole thing becomes … Continue reading April 25, 2020. Epidemic, Catching in a Curious Way