Why Study Ourselves?

Throughout her Volumes, Charlotte Mason sprinkles grains of insight into the question, ‘Why study ourselves’? Often she uses the term self- knowledge for this study. She says, next to the study of God, it is the most important thing a child can learn. More important than reading? More important than math? More important than writing? Evidentially. No one says it better than Charlotte, so here … Continue reading Why Study Ourselves?

Reading Helps

These are three helps that I use with First Reading Lessons to aid sight and sound recognition. Buddies.Letter-buddies that are often found together: ing, ed, ee,  th (two sounds , as in thistle and that), ch (3 sounds but most often ch as in church), sh, ar (like a pirate “ar matey!”), or (“or, or, or!” like a seal).   Always give the sound along with pointing out these buddies. … Continue reading Reading Helps

A Brief History of Charlotte

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who lived from 1842-1923.  She was born near Bangor on the Northwest tip of Wales. She lived during the Victorian area. This time period is known for its hierarchy of social, class-based social order. Women wore, long, bustled flowing dresses with ruffles and ornaments on the bodice cinched with corsets. Medicine and transportation were making strides in science. The … Continue reading A Brief History of Charlotte

What it is NOT, What it IS

Sometimes it takes too many words to explain what a Living Education IS. It took Charlotte Mason herself 6 books and hundreds of pages of other publications to explain and describe it. A quicker approach might be to look at it from the reverse—What it is NOT. -A Charlotte Mason Education does not use textbooks with bold words that are memorized for a test.-A Charlotte … Continue reading What it is NOT, What it IS

What is a Charlotte Mason Education? Questions Answered 1.

Charlotte Mason states several times in her volumes that the mind best learns when it asks itself a question and then answers it. So with that in mind, perhaps we should start delving into what a Charlotte Mason education is by asking some basic questions. Perhaps you are new to home teaching or interested in improving classroom learning. Perhaps you have asked yourself some questions … Continue reading What is a Charlotte Mason Education? Questions Answered 1.

April 25, 2020. Epidemic, Catching in a Curious Way

“The second Dæmon of Imagination is Sin. Have you ever heard people say, ‘There seems to be quite an epidemic of burglaries’ or ‘of murders’? They are quite right. There is an epidemic of these things. They are catching in a curious way. People read of a crime in the newspapers, they allow their Imagination to dwell upon all the details; the whole thing becomes … Continue reading April 25, 2020. Epidemic, Catching in a Curious Way