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Daily Thoughts on Ourselves


Bring Charlotte Mason’s Volume 4 to your students or family in a gentle way with concise daily readings. Taken directly from the Volume, arranged with a weekly character theme and complimentary Scripture, Daily Thoughts on Ourselves will take you through a year’s study of personal character awareness and growth in habits.

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Living Geography Book I & Curriculum.

Living Geography Curriculum Set

This curriculum, centering around Living Geography Book I, will take teacher and students through multiple terms of physical, practical, and social geography. Topics covered are the Motion of the Earth, Measurement and Maps, Features of the Earth, and Countries and Governments.

Living Geography Text


We’ve taken Charlotte Mason’s book and brought it to life with Living Geography Book I. The text is in the beloved words of Charlotte Mason with selected portions revised. Outdated history has been corrected and sparsely covered topics have been expanded. With color artwork, maps, photographs, and custom drawings this is a beautiful, engaging book. Additional poetry and Scripture passages round out the lessons.

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Teacher’s Notes


New! Teacher’s Notes for Living Geography Book I. Making rich, full lessons easy for the teacher in an open and go format without wordy lesson instructions. This guide is packed full. Each lesson is fresh and new with activities to keep learning and curiosity alive – Outdoor Geography, Map Making, Scouting, Map Questions, and Games are some of the sections. With the addition of an Older Students section, this study of geography can be used in a family setting or with multiple grade levels.

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Maps & Pictures


The Maps and Pictures book makes class time efficient for the teacher and student. With all the pictures and maps in one resource, the teacher’s prep time is simplified. Colorful, custom maps ensure your students view realistic, beautiful maps.

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Exam Questions & Answers


An Exam Questions and Answers book makes exam time simple and efficient with questions ready at your fingertips.

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Geography Notebook


The Geography Notebook keeps all the student’s drawings and written activities in one place, neat and organized.

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Supply Kit

currently unavailable -working on it! Let me know if you want one and I’ll add you to the list

First Reading Lessons.

Currently being tested.
First Reading Lessons is taken directly from Charlotte Mason’s instructions on how to teach beginning reading. Using poetry selections the teacher will guide the beginning student through the sight and sound of early reading using Charlotte’s own natural method.

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Teacher’s Notes for some of your favorite books.

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Bringing history and geography to your fingertips with full and complete lessons.

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