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I have been involved locally with mothers and educators  who are, like me, interested in learning and growing in their journey towards a real living life by utilizing the ideas of Charlotte Mason. Here are some of the ways I have spread the word about a Living Education.

-Fall 2007 begin learning about Charlotte Mason and homeschooling  journey
-April 2014 Demonstration for local learning community
-June 2014 Organize and facilitate Charlotte Mason Book Study,  Volume 6
-July 2014  Demonstration of Picture Study for local community
-September 2014  organize and facilitate C. Mason Book Study Omaha,  Volume 1
-February 2015  Picture Study Immersion Swanson Library, Omaha
-May 2015  Homemakers of America Conference speaker and demonstration
-June  2015  Heartland Home Educators speaker
-July 2015  Panel discussion Styles and Multi Level Teaching
-August 2015  Catholic Home School Association of Omaha Living Books display
-September 2015  organize and facilitate C.M. Book Study Omaha, When Children Love to Learn
-June  2015  organize and facilitate Charlotte Mason Book Study Omaha, Volume 2
-September 2017  organize and facilitate C. Mason Book Study Omaha, Volume 3
-June 2018  organize and facilitate Morning of Living Ideas, Omaha speaker Living Books, Narration What and How, Nature Journaling and Prairie Nature Walk, Picture Study Immersion, demo Experience the CM Feast, Introducing Charlotte Mason.
-July 2018  host Open House, preview C. Mason curriculum
-September 2018  organize and facilitate C. Mason Book Study, Omaha, Volume 4
-June 2019  organize and facilitate Morning Conversations, speaker Opening Devotion, First Reading Lessons demonstration and talk.
-July 2019  organize and facilitate Charlotte Mason Book Study, Omaha, Volume 5
-December 2019  organize and facilitate Growing Mother Ideas, Iowa
-March 2020 organize and facilitate Summer Overnight Conversations, Lincoln
-June 2020  Afternoon Conversations, tour museum local history
-September 2020  organize and facilitate Autumn Weekend Conversations. speaker Outdoor Geography, Outdoor Geography immersion session, Morning Devotions
-August 2021  Speaker  R.E.A.D.S Dyslexia Conference, Omaha
-October 2021  Speaker R.E.AD. Safe Haven Community Center Conference, Omaha

You can find articles that I have written at Charlotte Mason Poetry.
-Ties that Bind
– Is This the Story of a Charlotte Mason Purist?
-What Worked Fifty Years Ago

If you would like me to speak at your event, contact me at or 402-426-4368 (land line)

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