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Purpose & Vision

Living Books. Radio & Podcast
airing on Omaha’s KCRO 660 AM.     T, Th.      5:30am, 9:45am, and 10:15pm.

I’m the host of the Living Books Podcast and Radio Show. Along with my partners, we bring Omaha and the surrounding heartland good stories that everyone loves to hear.

Classics, American history, Church history, poetry, science, source American documents, missionary stories. Picture books, Chapter books, fiction, non fiction… all part of the line-up.
…with some jokes thrown in for extra fun.

If it’s quality, I read it.

Stories and literature that every child has a right and a need to hear. (and adults)
Good stories were the backbone of times past and the bedrock of our grandparents education. They fill our minds with good thoughts- thoughts about virtues, integrity, and overcoming life struggles. They build character by learning from others and they foster love of God and country.


Our mind needs food to grow.
Just like our bodies need food to build muscle and bone, our mind needs to be fed in order to grow.

A mind that is starved, shrivels.
 It loses it’s God-given creativity, imagination, hope, and problem solving capabilities. Good books keep all this alive and growing by fostering thought and ideas.

A mal-nourished mind will find substitutes to feed itself.

Bored people (not just children) gravitate to video games, TV, movies, and activity that often leads to poor choices with negative consequences.  Good books replace this junk food and feed the mind properly with true heroism, true service to country, and true integrity.

You are what you think.
Thoughts come from others. We listen to the voices around us- in our society, our homes, our schools. To think good thoughts we must ingest good mind-food. Many good authors have given us good thoughts in their books

The Book Rescue.
Sadly, these good books are being discarded by our schools and libraries. I find good books and I’m passionate to share them with my community. I find discarded books, books in dumpsters (yes, I have dumpster dived for books), books at garage sales, and books given away. I’ve been collecting and buying for years. Initially I’ve used (and am still using) these books for my children’s education.

Now, I’m bring my books to YOU!

If this project resonates with you, listen in to the Podcast, tune into 660 AM.

I also need folks who will help me with a financial contribution. It takes money to run and use the equipment for the show. Right now I’ve got a lot of hats to wear- from gathering books, mapping out the show, reading, and producing. I’d like to be able to pay a producer! (I am highly non-techie).  We do what we have to do…..
Thank you for joining me!

Contact me, Lisa Eveland-Osika  at
402-426-4368           402-278-9725

Are you a LOCAL BUSINESSES looking for ADVERTISING time?
Do you desire to bring GOOD EDUCATION to children?
Would you like to GIVE BACK to the Heartland Area COMMUNITY?


on the area’s oldest radio station and podcast


AIRING on regional KCRO AM 660
Tuesday & Thursday  5:30AM, 9:45AM, 10:15PM
& Anytime 24/7 Online!

TARGET AUDIENCE: Children, Moms, Dads, Homeschool mamas and kids, Retirement & Care facilities for a TV break, Farmers on the combine, Truckers…EVERYONE! 


Yes! I’d like to sponsor Living Books. Radio & Podcast at this level…

$400 per month to receive Open & Close thank you each show ___ 3 mos. Min.
$200 per month to receive Closing sponsorship thank you only___  3 mos. Min.
$100 per month for name in recognition of support on printed material __ 3 mo.

Contact your host Lisa Eveland-Osika

402-426-4368        402-278-9725
To read about our mission visit . Click on ‘Podcast & Radio’ in the navigation. Listen in!   Tell your friends and families!!   Thank you!

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