On Completing Volume 5

I hated Volume 5. There you have it…lets just get that out of the way! After leading a book study and pulling my bootstraps up every month, trying to enjoy it for their sakes- I hated it. Evidentially I’m in good company; and company that I esteem. Henrietta Franklin seems to have a distaste for Volume 5 as well.  I have a quote from her … Continue reading On Completing Volume 5

A Missionary Anniversary

Our Charlotte Mason Book Study has completed Volume 5. This was an accomplishment in itself, but was special for me because this Charlotte Mason Book Study has now read all six volumes. We began reading the summer of 2014 at a park. While the children played, we discussed. We read the entire volume that summer. Since then, we slowed the pace, moved to an evening … Continue reading A Missionary Anniversary

Volume 5 CM Book Study – On the Same Page – Reading Schedule

Charlotte Mason book study, Omaha, Nebraska     Formation of Character Volume 5     2019-2020 The pages listed are the start and stop pages in the ‘Pinks’ (the edition with the pink covers pictured at various places on this blog) July     Preface – Chapter 2 Inconstant Kitty, p.32 August     Chapter 3 Under a Cloud p.33 – Chapter 4 Dorothy Elmore’s Achievement ch I-V, p.67 September       Chapter 5 Consequences … Continue reading Volume 5 CM Book Study – On the Same Page – Reading Schedule