“A Huge Improvement over CM’s Original” Cathy Duffy Reviews Living geography.

Cathy Duffy has done a review of Living Geography Curriculum Set. You can see her review of Living Geography here: https://cathyduffyreviews.com/homeschool-reviews-core-curricula/history-and-geography/geography/living-geography-curriculum-set After reviewing the curriculum set, she states,  “The Living Geography Curriculum set is a huge improvement over trying to use Charlotte Mason’s original work, and even more so for those living in the United States.” You can find the live links used in the … Continue reading “A Huge Improvement over CM’s Original” Cathy Duffy Reviews Living geography.

First Reading Lessons-almost There

I’m previewing the first drafts…. some tweeks to do…. then send back for corrections…. then another draft… I’m working on getting the Word Cards in a format for cutting apart…. won’t be long now! It makes my heart jump a skip when I actually get the finished product in my hands. After working for years – conceptualization, research, notes, notes, scribbles everywhere, writing, writing, writing, … Continue reading First Reading Lessons-almost There

To Order

Kindly Make checks to, and Mail to: Lisa Eveland-Osika3650 Golden Eagle CircleBlair, NE   68008 Shipping: add $5.00 for one book, $10 for more than one book up to 5 books. PRINT CLEARLY !! 1. Tell me what you want,2. How many,3. Your full name,4. Your address,5. send your email address for a confirmation, PRINT CLEARLY !! Reallivinglife6@gmail.com402-426-4368  (you guessed it- land line) Continue reading To Order

Description & Samples — Geography Notebook

This Geography Notebook is a student resource for Living Geography Book I. The pages of the Geography Notebook correspond with the activities and assignments found in the Teacher’s Notes. Exercises found in the Drawing Lessons and Map Making Lessons have pages for the students to complete their work.The Drawing Lessons and Map Making activities for the course have a Practice-Sketch page so the students are … Continue reading Description & Samples — Geography Notebook

Descriptions & Samples — Exam Questions & Answers

The Exam Questions and Answers Book gives the instructor pre-written, tailored exam questions for each lesson in Living Geography Book I. The answers which follow the questions act as a guide for the teacher when evaluating the student’s answers.Some of the questions are Charlotte Mason’s own questions taken from her exams. Some questions are original to this curriculum. Should the teacher prefer to write her … Continue reading Descriptions & Samples — Exam Questions & Answers

Description & Samples —Maps and Pictures

The Maps and Pictures Book which is part of the curriculum for Living Geography Book I  contains all the pictures and maps referenced in the Teacher’s Notes. The pictures are color photographs of places and items applicable to the lesson. The full page maps of the oceans show the physical features of our earth in realistic color. They were custom created to ensure that all … Continue reading Description & Samples —Maps and Pictures

Description & Samples —Teacher’s Notes

The Teacher’s Notes guide the instructor through the vast scope of the Living Geography Book I text. It provides a reading schedule for the book and applicable learning extensions. Using the Teacher’s Notes, the teacher will enjoy the ease of bringing students complete, engaging lessons. The Teacher’s Notes were created to be an open-and-go resource for the teacher. Arranged in a list format, the teacher … Continue reading Description & Samples —Teacher’s Notes

Description and Samples —Living Geography Book I

Living Geography Book I brings a unique approach to the elementary study of geography using a student’s own observation and experience. By avoiding rote facts and dull information, it opens the door to the reader’s thoughts and imagination on our world, its place and motion in the universe, measurement and maps, land forms and oceans, and the governing systems of countries. This text is an … Continue reading Description and Samples —Living Geography Book I