First Reading Lessons-almost There

I’m previewing the first drafts…. some tweeks to do…. then send back for corrections…. then another draft… I’m working on getting the Word Cards in a format for cutting apart…. won’t be long now! It makes my heart jump a skip when I actually get the finished product in my hands. After working for years – conceptualization, research, notes, notes, scribbles everywhere, writing, writing, writing, … Continue reading First Reading Lessons-almost There

Reading Lessons Quotes

Selected Quotes from Charlotte Mason on Reading Lessons.Annotations in [  ] by Real Living Life. Read the complete chapters where Charlotte describes reading lessons in Volume 1 page 199-222. “Learning to read is hard work for most children, but it must be done, and we as parents should try to make the lessons as easy and pleasant as possible” – Home Education Volume 1 p.214 … Continue reading Reading Lessons Quotes

How to Do Reading Lessons

PHILOSOPHY.Sounds and sight recognition of words through observation and attention  is what Charlotte Mason’s reading lessons use. The lessons should not be drudgery, but interesting and engaging. Sounding out words as well as sight word recognition are part of her method. Lessons in CM are short in order to train attention. These lessons typically run 10-15 minutes. ——♦♦—— METHODS. 1. Using Books Basic Plan. CM does … Continue reading How to Do Reading Lessons

Tips on Sounding out Letters

These are three helps that I use with First Reading Lessons to aid sight and sound recognition. Buddies.These letter combinations, which I call Letter-Buddies, are often found together in words. They are common enough that it comes in handy to know their sounds.ingedeeth (has two sounds , as in thistle and that)ch (3 sounds but most often ch as in church)sh (put finger to lips … Continue reading Tips on Sounding out Letters

Paying Attention on Reading the Poem lesson days.

In the ‘How to Use the Teacher’s Notes for First Reading Lessons’ the instructions read:Read the poem with the student. Help them with sounds and words when they need help. I suppose that is enough said. But, of course, there is more to say on it- both from my experience and from Charlotte Mason. What I would have liked to add, but, for sake of … Continue reading Paying Attention on Reading the Poem lesson days.

First Reading Lessons coming this fall

“—but grant it, who in the world could get through all the pasting and cutting and general messing preparatory to the great lesson? No; the method of the books may be only second-best, but ready-made books must do for me. I have no time to make my own apparatus.”   I must own that the cutting and pasting was very clumsy, but the lesson served … Continue reading First Reading Lessons coming this fall