What it is NOT, What it IS

Sometimes it takes too many words to explain what a Living Education IS. It took Charlotte Mason herself 6 books and hundreds of pages of other publications to explain and describe it. A quicker approach might be to look at it from the reverse—What it is NOT. -A Charlotte Mason Education does not use textbooks with bold words that are memorized for a test.-A Charlotte … Continue reading What it is NOT, What it IS

Ties That Bind

For a girl from Nebraska not accustomed to spanning wide bodies of water on a suspension bridge, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge a few years ago was, to say the least, thrilling.  In Nebraska most of our water ways are crossed by a mere heave-ho and a jump. Before this ride across the Golden Gate, my only encounter with this bridge was through pictures.  Frankly it never did look to me like the … Continue reading Ties That Bind