Project Ideas for Learning-at-Home

Here are some ideas for student projects. If you are moving from traditional schooling into HomeLearning, you may need some time to figure things out. These are things your students can do especially as you are getting your homeschool started and then as you continue to maintain. As you are working on getting things figured out, your children will need things to be doing – … Continue reading Project Ideas for Learning-at-Home

Head Out! Field Trip Day!

Everybody loves a field trip! Exploring, seeing new things, meeting new people… Excursions are valuable ways to get children interacting with others. They open the world to them- the things going on, the possibilities. Charlotte talks about students trips to the British Museum several times in the V’s. This was part of the child’s self learning as well as adding to the relationship-building aspect of … Continue reading Head Out! Field Trip Day!

The Cure for ME

“For it is only in doing, that we learn to do; through service that we learn to serve;” – Volume 5 p.261 I don’t think you need too much imagination to realize that the world today is about promoting self. We have, in fact, a generation called ‘The ME Generation’. These were the Baby Boomers. And if you have a ‘ME generation’ becoming parents and … Continue reading The Cure for ME

Use what you Know, Use what you Have

What is something your family is good at? Something you all do together?What hobbies do you or your husband have? What talents do you have? What skills do each of you have? Do you:speak a foreign languagehave a trumpet in the closet that dad playedenjoy eating and cookingbike ridingknow and do car repairgardensewherb craftknithikingplaying and performing musichouse repairanimal carecampingcutting hairsing at churchpreserve foodwoodworking These are … Continue reading Use what you Know, Use what you Have

What are you Doing when you DO CM?

What are you DOing when you DO CM? This is a question that I often get –in various forms. When you are new to CM, it is difficult to know what to ask. What question should I be asking that I don’t know to ask? When you are ‘old’ to CM, it is difficult to answer, because there is so much yet so little. The … Continue reading What are you Doing when you DO CM?