Confession & Repentance

It is absolutely vital that children understand and are taught to properly confess and repent if they are going to have attached, secure relationships with people – in their childhood and in adulthood. Relationships falter and will, in fact, die if thorough confession is not part of the interaction between individuals and also within groups. Not completely confessing demonstrates a protection of self over the … Continue reading Confession & Repentance

Pin—Our Math Acronym

ONE PIN AT A TIME On the daily road of subjects- day after day, the learning work ticks on and on. We get into  grooves – which is good. If we had to think about every small action done everyday we would be overwhelmed. Grooves, like many character traits and habits, have their benefits but can also have a flip side which can work against … Continue reading Pin—Our Math Acronym

An Educational Hot Topic in a Living Education

What are the popular topics that circle in today’s educational field? We talk about STEM, mathematics, technology, critical thinking, integration, emotional intelligence, robotics, health, bullying, learning disabilities, obesity, teacher to student ratio, social skills, virtual learning, adequate facilities and resources and the funding for them. Here is one topic that an internet search of educational topics does not bring to the surface – Character. Charlotte … Continue reading An Educational Hot Topic in a Living Education

Detailed Description – Daily Thoughts on Ourselves

Daily Thoughts on Ourselves is a character building guide to support growth towards honorable living and profitable habits. Topics for each week range from our physical bodies and mind to love and justice. Intellect, beauty, imagination, reason, desires, kindness, courage, loyalty, truth, use of time and money, opinions, self control, and service are a sampling of some of the bountiful topics and their guiding principles … Continue reading Detailed Description – Daily Thoughts on Ourselves

Bible Memorization and the Child

            So does random Bible verse memorization fit into a CM Education? I think it does, because the mind food we are feeding them is Living Food. This is not just man’s history, discoveries, and facts born from and relegated to this earth. It comes from a plane above the earthly realm, rising from our Creator. That qualifies it to be put into our minds … Continue reading Bible Memorization and the Child

Confessions of a CM Educator: I Do Random Bible Verse Memorization.

I didn’t have this type of Bible verse memory as part of our homeschool for a long time- the Bible memorization that chooses random, single, stand alone verses for memorizing. I had not come across it in what I read from Charlotte and so I didn’t work it into the schedule. We did use, as Charlotte suggests, parable passages in our recitation time. We also … Continue reading Confessions of a CM Educator: I Do Random Bible Verse Memorization.

Why Study Ourselves?

Throughout her Volumes, Charlotte Mason sprinkles grains of insight into the question, ‘Why study ourselves’? Often she uses the term self- knowledge for this study. She says, next to the study of God, it is the most important thing a child can learn. More important than reading? More important than math? More important than writing? Evidentially. No one says it better than Charlotte, so here … Continue reading Why Study Ourselves?

Using Volume 4 with Students

…of all the knowledge which a child should get, the knowledge of God is first in importance, and the knowledge of himself, next. – Charlotte Mason Volume 5 p.363             Charlotte intended for Volume 4 to be read by children under the age of sixteen. Her goal was that these students would grow in character from a thorough study of human nature. She titled this … Continue reading Using Volume 4 with Students