Confessions of a CM Educator: I Do Random Bible Verse Memorization.

I didn’t have this type of Bible verse memory as part of our homeschool for a long time- the Bible memorization that chooses random, single, stand alone verses for memorizing. I had not come across it in what I read from Charlotte and so I didn’t work it into the schedule. We did use, as Charlotte suggests, parable passages in our recitation time. We also … Continue reading Confessions of a CM Educator: I Do Random Bible Verse Memorization.

Why Study Ourselves?

Throughout her Volumes, Charlotte Mason sprinkles grains of insight into the question, ‘Why study ourselves’? Often she uses the term self- knowledge for this study. She says, next to the study of God, it is the most important thing a child can learn. More important than reading? More important than math? More important than writing? Evidentially. No one says it better than Charlotte, so here … Continue reading Why Study Ourselves?

Using Volume 4 with Students

…of all the knowledge which a child should get, the knowledge of God is first in importance, and the knowledge of himself, next. – Charlotte Mason Volume 5 p.363             Charlotte intended for Volume 4 to be read by children under the age of sixteen. Her goal was that these students would grow in character from a thorough study of human nature. She titled this … Continue reading Using Volume 4 with Students