Comparing CM to Other Educational Systems

Is CM the right type of education for you and your family or school? Lets briefly compare CM  to other educational systems to see if CM is what you are looking for. Disclaimer:This is a Quick Glance: My SHORT notes on the differences.These are as brief as I can make them. Hopefully they give you an idea of the differences.I’m also doing my best to … Continue reading Comparing CM to Other Educational Systems

Pin—A Caring Youth Group

ONE PIN AT A TIME I heard someone talking this week about ‘revamping’ their youth group. They had asked the other teachers/ board members, ‘What can we do to make this group applicable and meaningful? We sit and talk and talk to these kids and it just bounces off deaf ears and glazed eyes.’ Everyone agreed. I’m guessing they didn’t come to much of a … Continue reading Pin—A Caring Youth Group

Charlotte Mason’s 1881 Geography and Today’s Realtor

Is Charlotte Mason’s geography book written in 1881 relevant for today?1881! It’s soooooo OLD! Outdated! Surely there is a better book by now!How could a book that old possibly have any value for our modern, fast paced, at-your-finger-tips world?The answer is, this old book is absolutely relevant for today! The most obvious, no-brainer answers are that our world still has the same physical features– oceans, … Continue reading Charlotte Mason’s 1881 Geography and Today’s Realtor

It Happens Every Day

  “A Basis of Facts.—Of the teaching of Natural Philosophy, I will only remind the reader of what was said in an earlier chapter—that there is no part of a child’s education more important than that he should lay, by his own observation, a wide basis of facts towards scientific knowledge in the future. He must live hours daily in the open air, and, as … Continue reading It Happens Every Day