I have been involved locally with mothers and educators  who are, like me, interested in learning and growing in their journey towards a real living life by utilizing the ideas of Charlotte Mason. Here are some of the ways I have spread the word about a Living Education. -Fall 2007 begin learning about Charlotte Mason and homeschooling  journey-April 2014 Demonstration for local learning community-June 2014 … Continue reading Resume

My Volume Typing Challenge

My first priority for this blog is to type and post Charlotte’s six Volumes. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. When I began home educating, there were limited resources for learning about a Charlotte Mason education. I found one blog that guided me through the initial baby steps, but the bulk and weight of learning a CM Education for me came from reading the … Continue reading My Volume Typing Challenge

Introducing Myself

Fifteen years ago, I began studying Charlotte Mason as my oldest began her schooling years. I have implemented a Charlotte Mason Education in our homeschool since those beginning years, learning from Charlotte and applying her Volumes to our lives. Currently, I have 4 children all school age or under. You’ll find my journey with Charlotte Mason sprinkled throughout the articles on this blog. My hope … Continue reading Introducing Myself