Use what you Know, Use what you Have

What is something your family is good at? Something you all do together?
What hobbies do you or your husband have? What talents do you have? What skills do each of you have?

Do you:
speak a foreign language
have a trumpet in the closet that dad played
enjoy eating and cooking
bike riding
know and do car repair
herb craft
playing and performing music
house repair
animal care
cutting hair
sing at church
preserve food

These are things to capitalize on for HomeLearning. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. If folks are recommending that you learn knitting and you already are gardening- stick with what you know. Stick with what you are already doing.

I garden. I always chalked that up to…nothing. It’s just what you do.  I can tomatoes, beans, tomato sauce, apple sauce, peaches…. I never thought about it as a learning activity. It was just what we do. Someone told me once, that their fall canning was handicrafts. Huh?? That’s school? See, it takes the mind sometimes (at least mine) a while to shift, to fully comprehend, for a Living Life to really sink in… it takes a while for it to permeate every corner. So now I take the fall off from books and we do garden canning- guilt free.

Use what you know.
Use what you have.

Those are the things God has given you. Use them to their fullest potential.
How can you improve the teaching and learning process with them?
How can you use them to help or bless others?

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