How to do a Poetry Study Lesson

The purpose of Poetry Study is to develop a love of beautiful language and meaningful thoughts for reflections and character. Poetry is a large part of Charlotte’s curriculum. She often talks about the moral lessons and satisfying qualities of poetry for students.
Charlotte speaks, in general, of knowing  our poets, but not with the specific purpose of actually studying a particular poet intentionally throughout a term.


The Foundation.
This is the must-do basic.

΁ 1.  Read the selected quotes from Charlotte Mason on Poetry.
΁ 2.  Get an anthology of good, high quality poems. These are poems from poets that have stood the test of time or modern poets who are reflective and thoughtful.
΁ 3.  Read a poem every day.


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Extra Frills.
These are things you can add, but not vital. Beware: Don’t kill yourself over them. If this sends you into overwhelm, remember the Single Eye. Go back to the above Foundation and stay there. What I outlined above is all you need to nourishingly feed your students’ minds.

1.  Computer search – the ‘most famous poets everyone should know’.
Choose a poet that is appropriate for students.
2.  Computer search – ‘most famous poems of’ your chosen poet, appropriate for students.
3.  Choose 12 poems from this author . We do 1 poem a week as a specific Poet Study Lesson.
4.  Give a short bit of biographical information on the author at the beginning of the term.
5.  Find a Living Book on the artist and read it either aloud or assign it to your student.

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