Reading Coach

Has your child begun their reading adventure and you’d like them to keep their skills sharp over the holiday or summer break?
Would you like your child to improve and move forward in reading?
At the same time would you like to work on improving their outlook, character, and curiosity? Would you be interested in a method rather than a system?
Lisa can help partner with your goals.

These reading sessions use a unique approach from the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason which treats a child as a person and uses a natural method to teach.
This method is all inclusive. For example, these lessons will also include:
hand-eye coordination,
outdoor play.

Like anything of value, it takes time, persistence, and patience to read. These lessons are not a ‘fit-a-child-into-a-box’ system, nor are they child led instruction. It requires the student to take his duty to learn seriously.

Reading Coach: Lisa Eveland-Osika has 15 years experience educating children.
Where:  between Omaha and Blair
From Omaha: Irvington Exit, north. From Blair: Hwy 133, south.
3650 Golden Eagle Circle   Blair, NE   68008.

Phone: 402-426-4368.
Web site:

Flexible daytime or evening.
30 minute session $40.

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