When Narration Isn’t Working

There are many reasons why narration might be bumpy in your home or classroom learning. Here are some suggestions from my personal experience and Charlotte to help you determine what, if anything, needs to be done. You might also look at other articles on this site for ideas and help – upcoming… Are Variations on the Standard Narration Allowed? and Written Narration Options – for … Continue reading When Narration Isn’t Working

Do you Have a Loading Dock?

Several weeks ago I returned the final proofs of all the components of Living Geography so printing could begin. I hadn’t heard anything for a while. Due to the myriad of components and details to keep track of I wondered if I had forgotten to send something. But it turns out there were busy beavers printing away. Out of the blue they called Monday and … Continue reading Do you Have a Loading Dock?

Schools! Save Space and Money! Use Narration!

In a day and age of an abundance of educational  teaching materials  and classrooms specialized to the particulars of students, the educational community might need a simple breath of fresh air. I recently acquired a teachers manual for lower elementary literature studies. This five inch thick spiral bound behemoth could probably leave a dent if you threw it at your car. With curiosity, I opened … Continue reading Schools! Save Space and Money! Use Narration!