Back to Basics Ordering

So how do I order this, you ask??

I don’t know.
But I do know I have a bunch of boxes of books sitting in my entry way that I’d love to get into the hands of good families and premier schools.

Here it is, the Real Me.
I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t know how to work facebook, I just signed up last week, (terribly sorry not to friend anyone who is trying to friend me, I don’t know how, but I’m sure I’d love to get to know you!), I don’t know what a mega bite is, I have to think hard to decide if I’m writing a page or a post. I don’t understand why everyone is typing with their thumbs when we have eight other, more agile fingers. It is only with the help of my daughter that I have this web site, and I’m barely able to work it. Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe computer type electronics and they loathe me. It’s a mutual hatred.

SO that being said, now that you know this side of me you can probably understand why I have no idea how to set up pay pal, or square something, or venmo (if that is the right name).

Back not too long ago, we’d buy magazines. In the back, there were some pages of little ads of things for sale, or businesses one might find interesting, or even things people were looking for. You might cut out the little ad, or not, you would get yourself an envelope, put a stamp on it, write the address of the business on the envelope which was on the little ad, and send them either the little ad marked with what you wanted or send a piece of notebook paper with a note of what you wanted. You’d write ‘Thanks’ at the bottom. You’d include a check or even cash. Mail it. And then you’d receive your little package in 2-4 weeks. No next day air. Everyone was happy.

That’s about the speed that I’m still at, so….I’m happy. When I tell people I don’t have a cell phone, first they stare at me, then they say, “You are so lucky. I hate this phone. I wish I could get rid of it.” I say, “Why don’t you?” I wonder why people don’t just throw them away and we go back to the curly cord phones and nice handwritten letters that surprised and delighted you when they came in the mail.

I suppose if you want any of my curriculum, you’ll have to send me a check. One thing I CAN do is send you a confirmation email! So, send your email address, with your check, and let me know what you want. You’ll have to add up your total including the shipping. You’ve been working on mental math with your kids, right?

My daughter says, “Mom, people will think this is so ‘sketch’ (aka sketchy).” Well, I don’t know. All I can say is, I’m honest, I’ll send you what you order. Someday I’ll hire someone to do the fancy stuff. For now, I’m too busy doing the fun part that I LIKE to do- writing articles (those are posts, right?) and writing curriculum.

To Order
Make checks to: and Mail to:
Lisa Eveland-Osika
3650 Golden Eagle Circle
Blair, NE   68008

Shipping: include $5.00 for one book, $10.00 for more than one book up to 5 books.

Tell me what you want,
how many,
full name,
send your email address for a confirmation,
phone if you want.

402-426-4368  (you guessed it- land line)

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  1. I love this whole article, Lisa!! Are you really giving me permission to throw my phone out the window??

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