Description & Samples —Teacher’s Notes

The Teacher’s Notes guide the instructor through the vast scope of the Living Geography Book I text. It provides a reading schedule for the book and applicable learning extensions. Using the Teacher’s Notes, the teacher will enjoy the ease of bringing students complete, engaging lessons.

The Teacher’s Notes were created to be an open-and-go resource for the teacher. Arranged in a list format, the teacher can quickly glance at the Notes and lead the class efficiently without wading through textual instructions. A Prep section at the beginning of the lesson tells the instructor what materials need to be collected beforehand, so time during class is well used.

To begin class time, the Teacher’s Notes provide the teacher with a review summary of the last lesson as well as an introduction for the upcoming lesson. Additionally, there are Introductory and Amplification sections with definitions, pronunciations, video links, and references to the pictures found in the Maps and Pictures Book. The pages to be read from Living Geography are also given.

Hands-on activities fill the pages of the Teacher’s Notes. There are clear, detailed, step by step instructions for Object Lessons, Map Questions, Outdoor Geography, Scouting, Reading Maps, Drawing, Games, and Map Making with pencil and paper as well as three dimensional representation. Each lesson in the Teacher’s Notes has its own unique activities which pertain to the specific topic of the lesson. To build observational skills and strengthen thinking in scientific processes, there are repeating activities such as Measuring Shadows.  Map Questions derived from the beautiful, custom maps found in the Maps and Pictures Book, give the students experience working with maps as well as knowledge of our world.

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