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Daily Thoughts on Ourselves is a character building guide to support growth towards honorable living and profitable habits. Topics for each week range from our physical bodies and mind to love and justice. Intellect, beauty, imagination, reason, desires, kindness, courage, loyalty, truth, use of time and money, opinions, self control, and service are a sampling of some of the bountiful topics and their guiding principles found in this book.

The text is that of British educator Charlotte Mason. This edition arranges her Volume 4 into smaller daily portions to preserve the most vital ideas. Each chapter has a theme centered around a particular character trait, virtue, or habit. A Bible verse which corresponds with the theme begins each chapter. There are five daily readings within each chapter taken directly from Charlotte Mason’s volume. There are fifty-two chapters to take the reader through an entire year. Charlotte wrote the text itself in a conversational tone.

Charlotte Mason intended her Volume to be read and studied by students. Daily Thoughts on Ourselves could be used by an individual student or adult for personal enrichment, in a classroom to engage meaningful group discussion, as a family devotional, or in a home school setting opening doors for family to engage in its meaningful topics. Charlotte Mason’s insight and wisdom can certainly be applied to all ages in any setting.

This beautiful hardcover book has a woven cloth cover with silver foil stamping on the front cover and spine. It’s finished size is 5.75 by 8.75 with 153 pages. It is a beautiful addition to any home or school library.

Published by Real Living Life, 2022
By Charlotte M. Mason
Arrangement, revisions, and annotations by Lisa M. Eveland

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