Description and Samples —Living Geography Book I

Living Geography Book I brings a unique approach to the elementary study of geography using a student’s own observation and experience. By avoiding rote facts and dull information, it opens the door to the reader’s thoughts and imagination on our world, its place and motion in the universe, measurement and maps, land forms and oceans, and the governing systems of countries.

This text is an updated and reorganized edition of Geographical Readers for Elementary Schools written by British educator Charlotte M. Mason in 1881. Colorful additions such as classic artwork, maps, custom illustrations, and photographs make the text engaging and beautiful.  Charlotte’s original maps were digitally recreated to give them a crisp look. Adjustments were made to these original maps making them easier for a young student to understand and use with the hands on activities found in the complimentary Teacher’s Notes. The chapters have been reorganized to gain a uniform length of material to aid in scheduling a consistent lesson time.  Chapters have been  added to expand on topics that were sparsely covered in the original. Additional poetry and Scripture passages have been added for their beautifying qualities as well as forming consistent lesson structure.

Thoughts of God, the beauty of creation, thought provoking reasoning, and a love of country are woven throughout the pages.  Although written for elementary students in Charlotte’s unique conversational style, many older students and adults might be enlightened by the author’s creative way of viewing our universe and world.

Combined with its complimentary curriculum, it is an ideal resource for a homeschool or classroom.
A tranquil, gradated sky blue, this softcover  text measures 5.5 by 8.5. It is 140 pages with a font size to help accommodate early readers.

Published by Real Living Life, 2022
By Charlotte M. Mason
Edited and revised by Lisa M. Eveland

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