Subject List for Form 1b

Form 1b=  age 6-8 / grade 1-2

Bible *

-Old Testament
-New Testament


-imagination stories like fables, fairy tales, and legends
-poetry (read)*


-own country
-child’s own timeline
-famous artwork of major people and events


-maps that correspond with books being read-often history
-physical geography learned outdoors- seasons, weather influences, sun ‘movement’,  water movement and its effects, air movement and its effects….

Natural History Studies

-nature studies (walks, object lessons) *
-nature lore books =living nature books
-scouting *


-living books
-experiment with things

Math    use manipulatives – preferably from real life

Language Arts

-handwriting = learn/practice letters
-copywork = copy words from reading book or written on board or paper
-reading lessons = work with letters/sounds constructing small words (‘word families’)
-recitation =
two hymns
two scripture passage 6 vs each. One parable, one from Bible lessons
a Psalm
a poem

Composer Study *


Music  Instrument

Picture Study *

Drawing *

Foreign language

-hear the language by listening to it spoken and sung

Handicrafts & Handiwork

-Work = household help
-Crafts = age appropriate

Field trips *

Service projects *

*Together Time subjects = we do them together, olders, youngers, and mom